Astonishing Prices for 2nd Hand Cds

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Astonishing Prices for 2nd Hand Cds

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:44 pm

I recently spoke to a friend who was disposing of a collection of LPs & Cds , he asked me if i wanted any and after seeing them i realised i actually not only had all the ones i wanted and didn't need any duplicates but that i hadn't listened to most for MANY years and when i thought about it i hadn't listened to a lot nearly 20 years !

he asked what to do about selling them and i suggested checking current prices on Amazon as most are now unavailable from the makers and that's when we both had a real surprise - i have the complete set of "the Harold Wayne Collection" issued by the excellent Symposium records , well, over 20 years ago now and bought them as they came out - the only one i didn't but my then Girlfriend did was Vol 6 (which contains the sublime version of "komm Holde Dame" Sung by Hans Buff - Geissen) and waited for years to find a second hand copy and then winced when i had to pay over £30 or ti !

imagine my surprise to see it on Amazon for £545 and second hand for £198

here's the listings ... 9e77bed7_S
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