Why Restoring a soundbox is so Important

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Why Restoring a soundbox is so Important

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:43 pm

I was recently asked about the importance of rebuilding/ restoring/ adjusting soundboxes and my answer is that it is essential - however well kept the machine the rubber parts of the soundbox can deteriorate and the sound is very much affected . It's vital to re - grease & repair motors so that they work properly but soundboxes which sound "ok" can be overlooked and that's a mistake

in the video Below i demonstrate 2 HMV no 4 soundboxes on an HMV model 101 (Teak) , the first is the original, unrestored box which doesn't sound too bad really but hten i try my "Benchmark" HMV no 4 soundbox rebuilt and tuned to produce the very best sound - with this box i have removed the rubber Jam Pot Ring and replaced with soft white gasket material slimmed down so that the diaphragm has far more flexibility

Several things are apparent by this test - the first soundbox sounds fine but with a lot of surface noise and a rather flat sound - the second loses the majority of the surface noise BUT the Bass increases enormously and the general overall tone is MUCH improved - you can actually hear the recording rather than the record

You can get replacement Jam Pot rings in the UK but they are far cheaper from Holland and cheaper still from the USA - the UK ones are rip offs !

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