Another Weekend, Another filthy Clearance (EMG Tonearms )!

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Another Weekend, Another filthy Clearance (EMG Tonearms )!

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:41 pm

I am asked several times a year to look at "collections" for sale , sometimes they are rubbish or too far away or not economic BUT i always go and look just in case (ans ALWAYS say "it's the last i'm going to do" ) and thus last week i went to see a clearance of a deceased CLPGS Member - a friend of his (another CLPGS member) rang me* and asked if i would help them out as he had been left the lot in the Late collector's will and he neither wanted it all or could physically shift either the bits he wanted or the rest and having approached a couple of Auctioneers who said they would charge for rubbish removal (I think he said they quoted £100 Per Hour!) he called me !

What a good choice ! - i went down to he South Coast and took a look last week, the collection in the house was basic - A decent HMV 194, a good HMV 163, a decca Cabinet machine and a couple of smaller G & T Horn machines in immaculate condition,a few other horn machines of various periods & styles but in original condition, a dozen good portables and a collection of the usual Jazz records Parlophone super Rhythm style series, HMV Swing series - all the stuff most record collectors already have or don't want so they weren't of great value so based on he value of the horn machines i made an offer and i was accepted and as i was leaving i asked about the garage and YES it was full of records as were sheds and outbuildings although as the former owner had been ill for some years they were in poor condition .................

Thus i have spent 4 days shifting & sorting and yet again burning rotten gramophones and having some real luck - in one of the sheds were 2 G & T Pedestals one poor but restorable and the other OK , white with damp but with some care & a wash usable almost immediately, nearby in one overgrown and damp shed were racks and racks of early records G & Ts Odeons, and rare labels all in confusion and basically all the machines the collector had accumulated over the years yet hadn't wanted - stacks of Portables fallen through the floors ,some soaking wet other bleached, horns rusting away or wooden ones crushed, spares all over the place and NOT useless ones - one box of soundboxes almost rusted into one solid block - all heaped up in utter confusion and one great surprise - 2 Expert & 1 EMG Tonearm in good condition , they'll do well on ebay !

- WHY do UK Collectors do this ? some of the portables have Proudie numbers on so had been buying from the Roger Thorne Sale so he had spent money in fairly recent times on items then dumped in a rotten shed ! i often wonder how many Prized machines in Grand Collections came from places just like this (and worse!)

All most odd - and another few days of filthy exploration - NO Rats though but i did encounter several VERY Large spiders - i did give them nicknames after my mother's Killers - "Fraudulent Frank", "Captain Grimes"," Tim & sara", "Pink Keith "

The last time i did such a clearance i was asked why i hadn't taken any photos - well actually i have but haven't found that camera yet ! and frankly i don;t have time to take photos as clearing things takes TIME and often there's little natural light (or electric for that matter) so things have to be done quickly

here are some pictures:

Trees growing through the broken sides of one shed, You can see the crates of thousands of records on the LH side and an early 101 perched and in the corner an edwardian Horn gramophone stand in "Adam" Style (with added Damp) the trolley is mine for getting stuff out into the garden for sorting - it was packed in here and this is after i cleared space to actually get in


Horns rusting away and utter confusion


Crates & Stacks of records amidst damp & Rot


Decca Trench Type, Boxes, Records all everywhere!


One box of records has come into the House - it had some rare Indian records and labels i hadn't seen before




*He did tell me he had rung some people in the "Home Counties But they told me they hadn't any money to buy or for petrol to go so far "................Who could that be ?
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