Honest Ebay Description - A rarity !

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Honest Ebay Description - A rarity !

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:40 pm

It's rare to find someone prepared to honestly describe what they have to sell - or are trying to sell for others, i have more than once been told of

"thousands of 78's"

in a collection only to find when i get there 8 ! or people with unrealistic expectations for their "collection" (usually about 4) tatty gramophones over - restored by a previous owner so it's refreshing to find such an honest description on ebay - it could so easily apply to a lot of items in the Gramophone section of Ebay

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RUBBISH-Antiq ... 1438.l2649

here's the actual description for Rob's Benefit

Oh my word! This was such a mistake to buy as a lovely gift for someone! Utter tat!! I kid you not!
Even the box it came in was horribly inferior. I tried to get the huge Chinese warehouse label off and it left manky stickiness all over the front!
However I did love the writing on it which said..."To become better and better the best gift for best friend!"
That was probably the biggest thing that went against the trade description act out of the entire thing but it did make me grin.
SO...why am I selling it and not lobbing it in the bin...or giving it to a "best" friend I want to get rid of? It's because it is actually quite fun as a toy for a little girl. It is not as great as the box shows it to be that's for sure but it is still playable with or as a little ornament in a child's room that you wouldn't fuss too much about them playing with. The music box part of it works when you wind it up and then the drawer is opened.

So nice little passable toy for a child
Atrocious gift for a friend
Awesome gift for a friend who loves quality... but you wish to see them squirm and pretend they like it.
Excellent gift to "become better and better the best gift for best friend!"...if your friend is in a foul mood looking for something to smash with a hammer.

YAY!! It's opportunity time!!
(Starting at a bargain price...although it is worth hundreds of times less!)
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