"Wot no Gramophones & 78s At SAS recently ?"

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"Wot no Gramophones & 78s At SAS recently ?"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:39 pm

"Wot no Gramophones or 78s at SAS recently "

That's a question i keep being asked by Collectors and it's getting rather annoying - for one thing I am NOT responsible for the content of Proudie's sales ! and for another isn't the answer obvious ?

Apparently SAS have held at least One sale in their "Music & entertainment" section and there's another due on the 1st of June - and NEITHER has any Gramophones or 78s in them (actually they might have a few 50s ones but i haven't really looked) well is that a surprise ? the last half dozen sales have had an increasingly poor selection of gramophones - most of little interest and usually requiring some work , - they might appeal to the "Gnome" Community of Cornwall but are of little interest to most "collectors" (UK translation "Accumulators) and the records have been sold in increasingly thin lots heavily sorted and of little interest to either collector or Timmy 4 Garages who sells - admittedly rather reasonably on ebay

SO what's going on ?

Well it's simple - Proudie , who for the last few years has been going round every collector in the woeful CLPGS Membership list (And i cannot emphasise enough that's NOT every collector in the UK by a Long Chalk) and getting any and every "excess" Machine & record out of them for his sales has now come to an end - OK there have been some Deaths and the few "big " money items in recent sales came from those Operatic collections but the rest was very poor quality - continental people i have spoken to have bemoaned not only the quality but also the Comm which makes bidding at SAS (and other sales) VERY expensive and with collectors being VERY choosy and careful with spending profits are rarer than any rare machine !

It doesn't help Proudie or SAS that Dulcetto and others can buy things such as the framed Blue Zono Caruso Labels in a lot for £15 and then bung them on Ebay where they turn a Nice £90 + people have eyes and they can see that it makes a LOT more sense to sell anything they have on Ebay and cut out Proudie & SAS altogether - also buyers can Cut out Proudie & SAS and their Comm if they buy on ebay ! doouble trouble for any business with overheads .

Are Proudie's sales coming to an end ? is another question i keep being asked - well NO i'm sure he will scrape together another sale later in the year and maybe Dulcetto and the other members of the "fraternity" will make money but the REAL question has to be - IS IT WORTH IT for SAS or for anyone ? I could find enough stuff to fill possibly 2 large sales for them - from items i have had in from a couple of recent collection clearances but he items are straight from the house , unrestored and needing work and thus it's a LOT easier for me to take anything vaguely saleable and Scrap the rest and either flog the stuff straight from the house to the Trade or arrange collection from me and not wait months for a sale and then wait for the cheque
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