Watch your Mouth Soundgerm - More TMF Madness

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Watch your Mouth Soundgerm - More TMF Madness

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:36 pm

For some years my technical advisers have been recording the TMF - it's come in very handy especially when we proved that "Suicidal" Steve was the real admin but occasionally inbetween all the boring EMG mark Numbers and other trivialities we see something VERY FUNNY

A Japanese character "Watanabehi" Had put pictures of his own creation - maybe not an "Alton exact replica" but it was his idea - alas being the TMF Soon Mad Mike appeared and commented, the comments apparently disappeared but NO - i have a copy of everything so here is a screenshot of the comments

And just think one of My Mother's Killers "Tim "Wagnarian" W - W" describes the TMF as a "Friendly Place" he has more time on his hands since he failed and Dulcetto took over !

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