Another Ebay bargain !

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Another Ebay bargain !

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:34 pm

It's strange what turns up on Ebay - i bought this lot as a buy it now for £20 and it was well worth having - and going to my storage Unit yesterday (no Prf Plumm In evidence !) i collected them and here they are :

as you see an RM Thorn Needle Sharpener , a solidly Made Bamboo Cutter, an odd (german?) Bullet Autobrake, a UK Autobrake, one autobrake from a Gilbert Portable and a Hand brake


The Solidly Made Bamboo cutter with cast metal base - it may be american


The German Autobrake - with a BUllet action - this is very useful as i was looking for one for the Chinoiserie Vox cabinet machine "the Squire" Bought and i Cleaned - and this is JUST right !

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