All Roads lead to "the Colonel "

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All Roads lead to "the Colonel "

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:32 pm

It's a strange thing but often i find that when looking up a recording or looking for information on an artist or just in general research i find that i'm lead to one of my own recordings on u - Tube ! i thought that it was just me but then to - night a comment on one of my Videos confirmed that it also happened to others - i know i try and put things on U - Tube that aren't found elsewhere but this really is amusing !

here's the comment

All roads lead to the Colonel. I heard this on the radio today (satellite radio). The song was used as the theme for a popular American TV show "This Old House." I've never known what the tune is, and in my years and years of listening to old music, never heard it except on that show. Today I heard Fats Waller singing it, came home to YouTube to look for another recording, and, voila, the Colonel. That's happened more than once to me.

And it's true that if i had an "aim " to my u - Tube channel it was to put out there FOR FREE as much as possible - i don not see why this information & these recordings should have to be paid for in any form - and certainly not through a subscription to a Sad mag such as the CLPGS produce !
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