A Recording from "the Trophy Room"

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A Recording from "the Trophy Room"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:21 pm

Ever since i saw a certain scene in "carry On Up The Kyber" i've thought of having a "trophy Room" and circumstances have conspired to provide me with such an opportunity - friends have been "ragging" me for some time to show them the room but when it didn't have a ceiling or much of a floor that was difficult but now things are almost done i had been considering it - THEN some of them offered me 1,000gns to make a video and never being one to shirk at a challenge i did so

I hasten to add no "kybers" were involved - I'm not TMF admin you know !

here's the Video of a Butterfly record of :

"put on you ta TA " Sung by , i assume Jack Charman under an assumed name


I think originally it was a Grammavox recording as it's 10 1/4"
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