Curious questions on one of my ebay Listings !

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Curious questions on one of my ebay Listings !

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:17 pm

I've been selling on ebay for many years - i had a break for several years whilst building work was carried out on this place and when it finished i realised i had far more than i needed and began to sort things out - then i started being offered collections of items and well, it's rather snowballed !

I do however get some strange questions - i have mentioned the offensive ones from people to whom it would be impossible to send things due to Post Office & customs restrictions but to - day i've had some very odd ones- i wonder if my leg isn't being pulled sometimes !

here they are -

Q: I can confirm having consulted the authors of the famous new book that this soundbox was used on the last H M V 101s HTH Roger 26-Mar-17
A: Thanks Roger, It was one of those Authors who told me about these Rare Variants in the first place thanks for confirming this - S
Q: Is the EMG 10 b in good condition and for sale Thanks - H . 26-Mar-17
A: I would describe it as 9 out of 10, i do have several EMG and Expert Machines for sale and will list them here soon as you won't find better in the UK - Thanks S
Q: Thanks , Ill look out for those listings as its almost impossible to buy any interesting machine in the UK these days and I have a millionaire Korean collector customer who only buys toppest machines Thanks for Your reply its good to speak to the Master -thanks H . 26-Mar-17
A: Not at all, Old Chap, I and others thought you had retired ! it's a pleasure to help those less fortunate than onesself ! I will list the EMGs and experts soon , The Vulcan Cylinders will be posted to -morrow - Thanks S
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