Rude or Impertinent Ebayers

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Rude or Impertinent Ebayers

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:15 pm

A Couple of weeks ago i listed some items on ebay - one was a Spare Expert Soundbox (One of several i had) during the listing i received a question from a potential buyer in Russia asking me how much postage was to Russia for it , now i've had problems sending things into Russia as there are some very strict prohibitions from Russian Customs and the British Post Office won't accept things on or even with descriptions vaguely like those on the Prohibitions list so i apologised to the chap and sent him a link to the Royal mail list & the Russian Customs page and explained that i couldn't send the Soundbox to Russia ..............

I should have known that this wouldn't be the end of the matter ...............a reply came in soon after :

"why you no send to Russia ? you Lazy Bastard ?"

My first thought was :

"have we met ? "

then :

"Cheeky Blighter"

I know that it can be very frustrating when an Ebay vendor won't post an item - even in the UK (They ARE Lazy Bastards!) and it's usually an item which is very postable and which ANY other owner would post alas the "sod's Law" is that the small item is located at Land's end or John O@Groats or some obscure Welsh Town and the journey to collect is not worth it !

it made my reluctant to offer the other spare Soundboxes i had so just went through ebay and sold them to the Underbidder who was delighted !
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