Marston ; "the Julius Block Cylinders"

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Marston ; "the Julius Block Cylinders"

Post by Gmemg » Wed Apr 25, 2018 6:18 am

This is a very interesting talk by Ward Marston the founder of Marston records , Julius Block was a Russian Businessman who recorded some of the most important artistes of his time - not for commercial reasons but purely for his own enjoyment - he recorded between 1889 and 1927 those recorded included :
Anton Arensky, Paul Pabst, Sergei Taneyev, Leo Conus, Jules Conus, Anna Essipova, Jan Hrimaly, Anatoly Brandukov, Elizaveta Lavrovskaya, and Paul Juon. These are also the earliest surviving recordings of Josef Hofmann, Nikolai Figner, Eddy Brown, and Egon Petri. There are also recordings of the 11-year-old Heifetz one week after his sensational debut with Arthur Nikisch and the Berlin Philharmonic

Marston record have re - issued the best surviving cylinders on cd and here Ward Marston talks about them
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