1894 "grandfather's Message" Cylinder

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1894 "grandfather's Message" Cylinder

Post by Gmemg » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:45 pm

This was one of the most interesting items i bought from the Roger Thorne Sale - it turned out to be some sort of "living testament" for the benefit of the speaker's grandchildren presumably very young who had recently lost their mother

I hope one day Rob will do a much better transfer

Here's the Video


and the transcript

"My Dear Grandchildren It is a melancholy event which has brought me here on the present occasion you have lost a good intelligent mother and i a most affectionate daughter , when a child she was a pupil of faith, and your father & She knew each other from childhood, i was present at their marriage and in the presence of the clergyman presented them with a Family Bible observing that they have known each other so long had opportunities of learning each other's temperaments & dispositions and their married life could not but be a happy one that they would stick to each other, i would advise, you children to stick together to cling to your loving father be a comfort to him and may God Bless you all is the prayer of your affectionate Grandfather Thomas Hurst ?

This was made January 26th 1894 at the office of the London Phonograph co , 62 Lord St London
Witness John J Leonard & Mollie Hurst
I John J Leonard Testify to the forgoing
I also
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