The True History of Prince Ras Monolulu (Mr Mackey)

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The True History of Prince Ras Monolulu (Mr Mackey)

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:59 pm

This is yet another interesting programme from radio 4 - some of us may have heard of Prince Ras Monolulu (Real Name Carl Mackey - believed to have relatives in the West Country) the racing tipster famous from the 1930's well into the 1950's as a colourful character - oddly dressed he attracted attention at racecourses and the first Black Man on british TV

I have the Regal - Zonophone record of him doing his act in the 1930's which i thought was a common record but it appears not as it's the only one on U - Tube

The programme is interesting as he died in a fairly bizarre way - i suppose i shouldn't spoil it but he was recovering in hospital when visited by Jeffrey Bernard (He of the "unwell" Fame) with a Box of Black Magic really couldn't make up what happened but , alas it did

and my Video

and here he is in Glorious (But silent) technicolour at the 1960 derby - it really is a different world
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