The 1st Victor electric Record ?

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The 1st Victor electric Record ?

Post by Gmemg » Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:31 am

This is a 10" Zonophone record issued in England as Zono A 302 but it started life as Victor 35763 recorded 25th of Feb 1925 and it seems was the first Victor electrically recorded record made by the Western electric System - i must admit that it did strike me as being a strange record but when you know the above it makes sense as a sort of sampler record
Here's the contents

"Strut Miss Lizzie" piano Solo by Frank Banta
"Love's Old Sweet Song" Sterling Trio
"Monologue " Munro Silver
"When You And I Were Young Maggie" Henry Burr
"Casey Jones" by Billy Murrey
Side 2
"Sweet Genevieve" Sung by Campbell & burr
"Saxophobia" by Rdy Wiedoeft
"Gypsy Love Song" by frank Croxton
"take me Back to Old Virginny" by The Peerless Quartette
"massa's in de Cold Cold Ground" by a Chorus

Here's the recording
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