a real mixed bag uploaded to youtube inc 1902 g&ts

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a real mixed bag uploaded to youtube inc 1902 g&ts

Post by rgodridge » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:29 am

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... NAewFrNOyo
Real mixed bag of stuff uploaded to youtube, from 1902 g&ts to Elsie Carlisle, including one of my favorite 78rpm singers, Olive Groves, and yes that's her real name! Here's the list
Bohemian Orchestra - March from the merry widow (g&T gc-781) (1906)
Carroll Gibbons new mayfair orch - All by yourself in the moonlight (hmv b5562) (1928)
Charles Penrose - the laughing jazz drummer (winner3717)
Coldstream guards band - Viscount Nelson March (g&T gc-402) (1902)
Elsie Carlisle - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (rex9816) (1940)
Elsie Carlisle - Don't ever pass me by (rex9816) (1940)
Ernest Pike - Pride of the prairie (zonophone X-42962) (1909)
Grace Moore and Richard Crooks - without your love (hmv da1306) (1933)
Harry Dearth - they all love Jack (hmv 02465) (1913)
Olive Groves - by the bend of the river (decca f1007)
Olive Groves - I'll always remember (decca f1007)
Olive Kline and Elsie Baker - Indiana lullaby (hmv b4575) (1922)
Olive Kline and Elsie Baker - Marcheta (hmv b4575) (1922)
Richard Crookes - If I am dreaming (hmv da1306) (1933)
Savoy havana band - Swanee Smiles (columbia3203) (1922)
the rhythm band (george fisher) - Down by the front door gate (hmv b5562) (1928)
Tony Lucassi (accordion) - Medley of old favorites (imperial2228) (1929)

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Re: a real mixed bag uploaded to youtube inc 1902 g&ts

Post by Gmemg » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:21 pm

What an interesting selection -i shall make a cup of tea and go through this lot - I've been very busy lately so haven't made any videos for ages but hopefully will do so soon as recent "finds" have rather piled up
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