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Why are so many selling at the Moment ?

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:02 pm
by Gmemg
In the last couple of weeks I've been sorting and appraising a large collection of interesting records and that's been taking up quite a bit of time as the collection isn't that close to where i live and so i leave early and often it's actually quite late before i get back and when i do i find messages or E.Mails offering me interesting items (I don't believe i', unique in this !)

This isn't that new a happening - it started , i suppose in November and certainly increased before Xmas i was sorting a lot of records in a barn at the time and didn't have time to consider this then but now it makes me wonder - It seems to me that a lot of collectors seem to be offering some very nice and rare items, not rubbish or lesser items or what some might call "ordinary" things (which happens all the time) but things which they want what most would call "BIG " money for and that's the difference - before Xmas i thought that it might be collectors raising money to cover Xmas prezzies or whatever but it's continued since and it's most odd - it's not confined to the UK either - US collectors seem to be doing the same thing

Some of the things i am being offered are of interest to me - maybe not at the prices those offering them to me want ! but things which i could find room for as they are usually the Top items in excellent condition - that's one of the odd things these aren't restored or incomplete items which a collector is selling as they have upgraded to a better example , these are the best they could find and otherwise i would have thought they would keep, i have been offered 3 EMG/Expert machines two of which weren't as good as the ones i had but i did manage to "Place" for the owners and one - a MK 9 EMG which in other circumstances i wouldn't want BUT it was and remains MINT condition and the price was right so i bought it but others i can't deal with and collectors i have contacted to see if they were keen have said NO in no uncertain terms WITHOUT even asking a price ..............

I was offered this week a collection of phonographs but as what i know about them can be written on the back of a stamp - most importantly of all Worth or rather what i could reasonably expect to sell them for , i had to advise the owner put them on Ebay or contact their local Auction as i couldn't rely on his estimate of value to defend my interest and avoid losing money, no - one wants to lose money and any purchase is a gamble after all

It's all most odd - i can't explain it - normally machine & collections become available because the Collector has died or are in the process of a Divorce, basically there is an explanation for a sale but at the moment i can't think what it is for present circumstances

Can anyone else ?