How Records SHOULD be Packed !

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How Records SHOULD be Packed !

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:54 pm

I often write about wallies who pack records in boxes which have less strength than a paper bag or people who send 78s in Brown Envelopes but to - day something new happened

Someone ACTUALLY packed some records not only properly but, in fact to excess !

I am delighted they did so as the records involved were VERY Valuable & rare indeed - a set of "The Dream of Gerontius" (Newman - Elgar) recorded in 1924 i bought them from ebay expecting them to be VERY expensive as only 2 sets had turned up in the last 30 years that i knew of one in the first Roger Thorne Sale, complete without album and another subsequently in another sale incomplete but with album - both had made over £100

It's a real bit of history and although not a complete recording it was apparently "Supervised" by Elgar (who was under contract to HMV ) - why a company such as Edison bell should make such an odd set at all is a mystery and then as it was Acoustic it became obsolete very quickly and was withdrawn fairly soon after issue

I was somewhat concerned it might be packed carelessly so asked if it could be packed well and offered to pay for that

When it arrived i was astonished - not only a substantial Box BUT every record individually wrapped in bubblewrap and then packed in cardboard - i initially had a shock as there were two copies of the second disc ..............i thought that one had been bought in error so i didn't have a complete set BUT it's a duplicate - why ?

The first record was chipped as described in the listing BUT i actually, by sheer co - incidence have a spare copy from "The Squire's" Collection so i do have a complete set

Here is how it arrived :


carefully wrapped Record


The Album Cover

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