Boardwalk empire - great 1920's Music

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Boardwalk empire - great 1920's Music

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:24 pm

Since moving in here at "The Preceptory"we have managed with Television - as i didn;t have a roof for nearly a year it didn't seem such a great idea really, i watch the BBC Iplayer on the computer at the Stables - although why i cannot explain as "bargain Hunt" is useless without Tim Wonnacot and "Homes under the Hammer" is the same old parade of dullards & thickos who buy with borrowed money Houses they haven't viewed (like the legal pack) and the grasping Scrooges who use their own money cutting corners and painting over the cracks and ripping out anything worth keeping !

So when my mistresses suggested getting "Sky TV" i replied:

"We are NOT living in Coronation St," and i'm not disfiguring this place with a dish thanks, may i remind you Our Neighbour is a DUKE and lives in a Palace so it would not look right -so there !"

They then told me of "intelligent TV" (whatever that is - maybe they don;t use Valves any more !) and so they bought one and now we have Sky TV through it - i wasn't interested until i realised i could watch Game Of Thrones season 6 ! when i mysteriously found it a good idea ! as part of the subscription i found i could watch all sorts of other things - Poirot (Yes a New Story coming soon AND all the ones from the Former forum ) and Something i Had heard of called

"Boardwalk Empire"

A sort of Sopranos set in the 20's - that sounded interesting as i Liked the Sopranos , which was a sort of "I Claudius" set in the modern era with slightly more than 10/- for a budget ! that's not a joke Tony Soprano's Mother was Called Livia and both series are reflected in "Game of Thrones" (Swearing, Nudity, Buckets of Blood) and the Two American ones reflect the HIGHEST possible standards set now by American made Drama - the days of fine Acting but poor quality "Briddish" accents and hazy images, are well and truly over - now there is the BEST and not just he acting, the sets and the writing but the music which in this programme is original 20's music - so good and so appropriate that i had to watch the episode i saw twice ! the second time to concentrate on the action as the first time i was trying to identify the music

This may be old news for most of you but i was delighted - let's see more of it - especially as i'm not paying for this Sky thing !

But it's the music which is so great
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