how to buy records, or not! 1926

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how to buy records, or not! 1926

Post by rgodridge » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:26 pm

I just found this gramophone artical funny so thought I'd share!
Remember, a man is judged by the company he keeps-and the records he buys. Expensive records are not necessarily the best, but they are always the most desirable for those who have. to consider appearances and maintain caste. Never under any circumstances choose a record costing less than 8s. 6d., and never patronise shops where cheap and vulgar makes are stocked. Again, the manner in which you purchase your records is of paramount importance. Having selected the most aristocratic music establishment in your locality, enter the gramophone department, and with the head t i l ted weil back at an angle of 45 degrees proceed to interrupt the manager or proprietor in the course of serving another customer. Then, .assuming your best Oxford accent you should say: "Oh, ah, do you stock His JYIa-aster's V-oyce Records ~ . . . I should like to heah some good celebrity records; have you any new ones by Kr-ai-sler ~ . . , I just adoah his playing, you know . . . unless you think, ah, H-ai-fitz better."
Command the use of the best audition room and try at least twenty or thirty records, keeping an assistant running backwards and forwards to the racks for fresh supplies as required . Do not definitely purchase any records that day, but tell the manager as you prepare to leave the shop, " I have selected two perfectly priceless records-to choose from; I wiillet you know which one I have decided to, er, acquire next t ime I am in town-in the ca,h . . . Good day." In this way you cannot fail to make an impression with dealers-they just love i t !

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Re: how to buy records, or not! 1926

Post by donjohnson24 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:43 pm

Excellent advice! :D

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Re: how to buy records, or not! 1926

Post by Gmemg » Sun Aug 26, 2018 8:38 pm

An interesting way of buying - or rather "trying " i don't know about an "Oxford Accent" to - day as whenever i reluctantly go into central oxford all i hear are foreign languages and it most certainly wasn't always like that.

I have noticed the same attitude as outlined in the article with modern collectors or perhaps that should be rather out of date collectors who worship certain labels and won't even consider a repressing - and that's not restricted to Fonotipia collectors it seems to apply to Jazz collectors or as i call them "Jazz Snobs" oddly often one and the same people !

I rarely find the HMV version of a Ragtime piece to be the best or most ragtimey - it's often the smaller, german Origin pressings which are the most lively and interesting whilst the HMV tends to be "Tea Room " ragtime rather gentille and rather staid
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