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Original Zonophone Grand Opera Sleeve L'Incognita

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:44 pm
by Gmemg
Zonophone Grand Opera records are not common, they feature "lesser" artists - a definition by those who worship Caruso , Battistini, Homer, Melba, Emma Eames and all the TOP Operatic G & T artistes.

The Zono Grand Opera records often feature, Peter Dawson, Ernest Pike, Alvena yarrow, Mdm Violetta, Harry Thornton & "L'Incognita" (Violet Mount) i think i may have a complete set or very near it but don't play them often I have heard it said that they started life as "Zonophone Celebrity" and then became Zono Grand Opera but since the latter are single sided and the former doubles of the latter it is the other way round !

Until recently i hadn't seen an original sleeve for one BUT here is One featuring "l'incognita"


and a close up of her


a picture of the label