Sleeves by Town No 1 OXFORD

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Sleeves by Town No 1 OXFORD

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:41 pm

These are my collection of sleeves from Oxford , i cannot claim it is complete or even representative of the Shops & businesses which sold records but they're the ones i have - this will be updates should any others appear

No 1 Acotts, 124 High Oxford (later trading as Russell Acotts and did so until fairly recently - i bought CDs there in the 1990s)



No 2 Saunders & Co The Dwarda Hall Bookshop

Image a4

Image a3

No 3 Hicks no 12 Market Street (A5)


No 4 Midland Machine Co George Street (a6)


no 5 F A Miller New Headington

Image a7

No 6Jno Pickett 258 - 260 Cowley Road ans St Aldates

Image a8

Image a9

Image a10

no 7 Rembridge No 5 St Clements

Image a11

No 8 James Russell & co 120 The High

Image a12

Image a13

the Firm's Last incarnation as TRussell Acott


No 9 Taphouse 3 Magdalen Street

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