Bombe Sided Sonora - Don Watson Sale purchase

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Bombe Sided Sonora - Don Watson Sale purchase

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:02 pm

This was one of the many interesting machines i bought incredibly cheaply at the Fabled Don Watson sale in 2005 - the odd thing is that Had that sale been held to - day i doubt if i would have bought anything as i simply wouldn't want any of it at any price as the market has changed so much .

This is one of my favourites as not only was it cheap but it has a rather interesting tale attached - i bought ti and then was approached by "the Leading Dealer" who was full of beans - i didn't know about the"ring" then but now KNOW why he was so happy, after the sale He & the others including ALL the trade decamped (if that's not an inappropriate phrase for the UK trade most of whom are VERY Camp) to the Cheap Hotel across the road for the "knock Out" - he said :

"yis, Yis, Yis, Why did you buy that ? it's missing the gille,. Yis, Yis, Yis, and the tonearm !!!!!"

Later i unloaded at a friend's garage and early the next morning went to look and upon opening the drawer there was the wooden tonearm with Ordinary & pathe attachments all in beautifully turned wood!

Here's the front


the back


and open showing the wooden tonearm and pathe attachment


The Beautifully turned attachment


The record cabinet showing the fitted drawer


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