Peter Dawson Becomes "Hector Grant"

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Peter Dawson Becomes "Hector Grant"

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:59 pm

(I would photo these pages BUT then Rob wouldn't be able to read them so i will write out all future anecdotes from the book)

"At the Gramophone Co one day i gave an imitation of Lauder singing " I love a Lassie" , i was astonished at the reaction among the recording staff . Fred Gaisberg , the chief , came up to me exitedly and said :

"Peter, can you do any more like that ?" I mean can you sing "scottish " ?

I was amused by the the way the Little American put it and answered :

"Yes, of course, i can sing all his songs including "Stop yer Tickling Jock " and "We parted on the Shore" Don't forget i'm a Scot by Birth !

A Little later he asked me what i thought of the idea of singing Lauder's songs for the Zonophone Co under another name, In response to my argument that it might ruin my future if ti became known i was assured that no one would suspect that a singer of Lauder's rollicking Scottish songs could be Peter Dawson I promised them a decision in 24 hrs . At Home . chatting it over with my Wife we both agreed that with a lean summer ahead it would help our finances. So i recorded Lauder's songs and they were a great success

The sales are terrific so they said "we want more" so to my astonishment i found myself saying :

"Don;t worry I'll write some "

by this time of course i had assumed a name for these songs - it was "Hector Grant"

It was whilst writing these songs that the idea came to me : "Why not take up the identity of Hector grant and fill in a few weeks on the Music Halls as a Scottish Comedian ? i could wear a Wig, False side whiskers Bushy Eyebrows , and keep up my Scottish Accent and no one would recognise me as Peter Dawson

In the meantime i was busy writing songs , one of them "Lassie Dinna sigh for me" sold more records than Lauder's !
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