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Did they watch the Conga in Congo ?

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:25 pm
by Gmemg
Whilst visiting a friend more "up " with technical matters than myself last evening she showed me how to analise my U - tube statistics (That's not a euphemism) and to may astonishment it showed where in the world my videos are seen - it appears that it's basically all over the Place ! Alas quite a few are in placed i've never heard of and could't find on my Giant Map of the British Empire, nor indeed in my Times Atlas (1897) I found the Austro - Hungarian Empire, Kronstadt, St Petersburg & Pekin (of Course) but other places just weren't on my Map !

There were even statistics for "unknown Region" where's that "Terra Australis Incognita" perhaps ?

It astonishes me that any of my videos get any views at all - why would anyone but me be interested ? All most odd - especially as i rarely watch any of my videos more than once - i'm glad people think them worthy of interest and hopefully educational in some limited sense , if only to advertise the Ebay sales of others - perhaps i should do valuations on my Machine videos so people don;t waste their time ?

I suppose the funniest thing was that one video (not specified) was viewed once in The Belgian Congo !

So did they Watch "The Conga" in "the Congo" ?

(Or is that a Savoy Hotel Orpheans Tune ?)