What Wondrous Love" Melanie

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What Wondrous Love" Melanie

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:42 pm

For the last couple of weeks i have, most days been sorting records in a barn in a field, it's been long, hard and cold work despite a patio heater being there records get very cold and retain that cold so it's been rather a thankless task - i have found some gems ! but overall it's been difficult and dirty

Yesterday i went there and switched on a radio left by the owner and found that instead of the interesting "letters from America" i was listening to some sort of Radio 4 Religious lecture - I later found that the Radio was tuned to Radio 4 LW rather than FM but i'm rather glad that it was as i heard the tune below for the first time and actually recognised the voice

I first Heard Melanie interviewed on Woman's Hour whilst i was driving somewhere - i hadn't heard of her before and when they played "brand new Key" i laughed and said :

"Stupid Cow's singing the wrong Words - it should be I Got a Brand New Combine Harvester .............."

when next visiting my parents i mentioned this only for them to know her - they met her in the 1960's and my father had actually chatted her up on "ready Steady Go" the then Pop music show - i had the Horror of imagining some sort of Hippie Pop Star being my ,mother .........The Horror, The Horror

Anyway i heard this yesterday and found it very moving

https://youtu.be/GewNcSD87nM?list=PL37y ... OJm1MmJe1O
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