"Sporting Occasion" a GREAT British Tune

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"Sporting Occasion" a GREAT British Tune

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:26 pm

My Mistresses and i were sitting on the Preceptory lawn yesterday afternoon having Tiffin (actually we had chairs - we're not Middle class Don't yer know) and as usual had a radio with us listening to The Home Service when a familiar tune came on - a Tune which symbolises Summer for me - i should state that i HATE sport of any Kind and think it a complete waste of time especially if it be observed rather than actually participated in !

As soon as i heard the tune i rushed in to find out what it was and found it on the U - Tube , i then plugged in the Giant speakers and broadcast it over the Countryside ..............oddly attracting a couple of Ramblers - Lady Undergraduates, so delightful were they i invited them to tea - and now i have 9 in my Harem ! (actually alas that last bit didn't happen)

Tunes such as this should be re - instated on UK Television & Radio - in act they should play God Save The Queen before the News as well and any time the Germans or french Lose at some Sporting Occasion they should play RULE BRITANNIA at full blast

here's "Sporting Occasion "

https://youtu.be/JYVDI522hgo?list=FLya7 ... x78atI8GXQ
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