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Weird Wagner - unusual Wagnerian Music

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:25 pm
by Gmemg
I don;t really listen to the music of Richard Wagner - and if i do it's in very small excerpts (except "Die Meistersingers which i listen too a a whole work) as i'm convinced that his music makes people Mad , or at least madder than they were when they started ! i've known sane people listen to the Liebestod and almost have Nervous Breakdowns and others upon hearing the "ride of the Valkyries" want to Invade Poland !

BUT what i didn't know was that Richard Wagner wrote a lot of music which wasn't "Wagnerian" at all ! i thought the CD sent to me by a friend was some sort of Joke but as it's not April then it couldn't be really could it ! I cannot believe that i've gone this long and not heard of these pieces but who would have thought Wagner would have written a Symphony but he did and it's good but not in his usual Mad style

then i found the same pieces on U - Tube so here they are, i', told those Mad people who like Wager DON'T Like this sort of stuff at all so that's great !

Ruke Britannia Overture ... XQ&index=2

"Polonia " Overture

"kaiser March"

Symphony in C Major