The "Sausage Roll Song" Gilbert & Sullivan ?

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The "Sausage Roll Song" Gilbert & Sullivan ?

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:23 pm

I heard this question recently on a Radio quiz :

"which song from a Comic Operetta features a Sausage roll ? "

I was stumped

Then it turned out to be from "the Grand Duke" by Gilbert & Sullivan !

Apparellty a plot is hatched to de - Throne "the Grand Duke" of the Title by a secret society - the "secret sign " of membership being the eating of a Suasage Roll ! (I must check the next festive board for such signs - i like my Throne !)

Here it is starting at 7 mins in

and here are the lyrics for you to sing at home but NOT in any Lodge

By the mystic regulation
Of our dark Association,
Ere you open conversation
With another kindred soul,
You must eat a sausage-roll! (Producing one)

You must eat a sausage-roll!

If, in turn, he eats another,
That's a sign that he's a brother--
Each may fully trust the other
It is quaint and it is droll,
But it's bilious on the whole

Very bilious on the whole

It's a greasy kind of pasty,
Which, perhaps, a judgement hasty
Might consider rather tasty:
Once (to speak without disguise)
It found favour in our eyes

It found favour in our eyes

But when you've been six months feeding
(As we have) on this exceeding
Bilious food, it's no ill-breeding
If at these repulsive pies
Our offended gorges rise!

Our offended gorges rise
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