Florence Foster Jenkins 2016

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Florence Foster Jenkins 2016

Post by Gmemg » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:41 am

I know this isn't a terribly recent film but i am rather busy these days and certainly don't have time to get to the Kinema so last year when a local supermarket was offering 2 DVDs for £10 i bought the new Dad's Army film and Florence Foster Jenkins - in the end it wasn't that great bargain as i didn't watch the film until recently by which time i've seen several copies of both films in charity shops for £1.99 !

When i first heard of this production i was astonished as i didn't think anyone apart from some record collectors and collectors of "novelty" records would have heard of Her -I know Lps had been issued as early as the 1960s and more recently several CD compilations have appeared but i cannot imagine they had the circulation of something like the Moreschi CD which i have seen on the CD shelves of the most surprising people (recently a the House of Commons Office of an MP !) i was even more surprised to find out that it was a British Production and directed by Stephen frears - i did , however have some misgivings as many people might have misinterpreted Florence foster Jenkins and may have taken the opportunity to find her amusing and to laugh at her efforts so was slow in finding time to watch this.

Luckily "The Squire" bought a copy of this film , watched it and was very impressed so following his report i watched it too and was delighted they got the"tone"just right - sympathetic, gentle and very very subtle - they conveyed the story in a gentle way which i found most endearing , little was said about her background and early it mainly concentrated on the time after Cosme McMoon became her accompanist and it was a good introduction for anyone who didn't know the story and it worked

The acting has to be mentioned - i used to think Hugh Grant was some sort of cardboard cutout and just could not see why anyone would want him in a film of any kind at all BUT in this film i saw him in quite a new light ! his acting (unlike Mrs Foster Jenkins) hit just the right "note" and he was utterly believable i shall now take the trouble to watch him in anything new , Meryl Streep has always been a great actress and here she did not disappoint again was just right expressing a vulnerability and kindness which few others could have done she also "sang" which was no mean achievement as many can hit "all the right notes" but few could deliberately hit the slightly wrong ones ! , the Bloke playing Cosme McMoon seemed a little odd and his performance was a little jarring but the most astonishing performance was the Bloke who played Toscanini - i genuinely thought they'd dug him up and somehow got him to act he was so lifelike - amazing attention for a very small part .

The only other jarring things would only be noticed by a CLPGS Pedant (and , alas me ) the speaker in the dressing room was a 1930's British radio loudspeaker, the Radiogram on which FFJ plays the record Toscanini brings her (A Columbia rather than a Parlophone) is a British one, the Set of FFj's Room whilst rather Victorian in feel seemed to have a lot of photocopies stuck in cheap modern frames decorating the walls - the scenes in the Carnegie Hall fooled me as i couldn't believe they had permission to film there but it was excellent CGI , not so good were the exterior scenes which were obviously not New York or American architecture at all - it turned out to be Liverpool and a lot more less successful CGI

despite those few reservations i can heartily recommend this film as well worth watching and so i have snapped up the Charity shop copies as gifts to friends - i suggest you do the same
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