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"The Pickersgill Reports" Radio 4 ex

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:15 pm
by Gmemg
I found these on radio some years ago and was most interested , i assumed that from the quality of the writing and unusual nature they were original stories possibly from the 1930's , the Narrator was just perfect, he managed to achieve what i thought now impossible in imitating the Nasty, sarcastic voice and hectoring/patronising attitude of a 1940s - 1970s Public School master - luckily now a race extinct ! the only odd thing is that the Director is also the Author and these stories are more or less modern as is the actor whi with his designer stubble cannot possibly be a Public School master at all - a great tribute to any Actor

These are really well worth hearing - the stories are entertaining and most original .

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