"Mrs Bradley" Radio 4 Extra Play

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"Mrs Bradley" Radio 4 Extra Play

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:10 pm

I heard this play last Saturday as i went from The Preceptory back to " The Grange" and was delighted to listen to it to - day on Radio 4 extra, it stars Leslie Phillips and Mary Wimbush (She was in the Archers)

I'm sure many will recall the wonderful television series starring Diana Rigg as "Mrs Bradley" on Television, those were wonderful adaptations with delightful period music BUT this Play was based on the original stories by Gladys Mitchell, really nowadays an overlooked authoress of detective novels - there are at least 66 Mrs Bradley novels - but in her time at least as famous as Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers , the difference is that the Mrs Bradley stories often mock or satirize the detective Genre and maybe that has proved less popular with modern readers ?

It is rare now to hear a play with decent original music and here the action is punctuated with decent original 78rpm recordings from the time which are well chosen and appropriate a far cry from some of the rubbish idiotic producers seem to use for some productions which spoil them - another thing is the Accents of the Actors - here they are PERFECT and right and not the horrid modern voices which are heard now in lavish productions where money is no object it's just taste which i slacking !

The play is well worth listening to

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