"Toast Of London" Series 2 - "The Masons"

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"Toast Of London" Series 2 - "The Masons"

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:10 pm

I have written about "toast of London" before, i enjoyed most of the 1st series but felt the writing rather uneven - some of the episodes were just terrible whilst some were to say the least bizarre and at best Genius !

When i was told of the 2nd series i thought i'd watch it - episode 1 was poor , but episode 2 was better and episode 3 "the moose Trap" was hilarious , taking as it did a huge swipe at "the Mouse Trap" the actors on stage looked like CLPGS members in a Meeting - covered in dust & Cobwebs !

Episode 4 "High winds Actor" (High Plains Drifter - Geddit ?) was the funniest so far in that it made fun of the fact - and it is a fact that a lot of Actors are Freemasons ! and why not indeed, acting, dressing up and fooling about with odd props is what most Freemasons do so why not Actors ! Whenever two of those "on the Square" met they made odd facial expressions and tugged at their trousers ! (Precisely what CLPGS Members do but for slightly different reasons.............)

It seemed as if everyone Toast knew was "on the Square" even a bloke doing a "james Mason" impersonation and despite his assertion he had joined he then had to be initiated ! there followed a bizarre - well not that bizarre parody of an initiation ceremony and had to meet an "Eastender" , this meant going to "the East end" and paying £27.50 (it's actually £27 10/-) "to Basil Jet "(Bazelgette ) the east end seemed unchanged from the 1880's - apparently they "have a bit of a Booze up" then you "get a goody - Bag" and Hey Presto ! Your a Freemason (That's More or less True as well, so I'm told !)

Later Toast goes to a club where, apart from Ray "Bloody" Purchase , his brother is there when asked why Toast Snr says :

"Oh we know each other "

Whilst everyone winks in an odd manner and startes tugging at their trousers whilst whispering "masons.........Masons" ........It's so accurate ! (apparently) Toast then visits a Director amidst an ......Err.........Orgy ! as Toast Says :

"This Freemason's Lark is the Bee's Knees" (it sure is )

He then heads for a Kebab shop (In Clerkenwell ? - Ed) where taped to a door is written a sign

"The Masons"

he goes in and there's the "lodge" with all sorts of odd characters including "clem Fandango" and even a character with odd sidewhiskers who looks very much like a West Country CLPGS Twit - a good friend of the "leading dealer" ! (Could it be he ? - Ed)

They then uncover a tray with assorted items and after an interval cover it again - and like the "Generation Game" Toast has to remember what was on it ! they then put up a screen saying they can't broadcast the next bit but when they return a Goat has been slaughtered !

they then sing :

"being on The Square is a Clandestine affair, be silent or beware "

whilst the West Country Twit "Jives " in an odd manner !

all most odd but most amusing - i don't think it's like that in American Lodges - there they practice "Egyptioan Rite" it seems and wear a Fez and drape Cleopatra over their knees ! - i do have photographic proof Estott (We have a copy at the Preceptory for my 11 "Confreres " To laugh at whilst we sit on Gold Thrones (made by Toye ) in Judgement on "lesser Ranks" whilst wearing white robes !

Well Worth watching this - especially for it's apparently accurate depiction of Freemasonry ! (So i'm told)

http://www.channel4.com/programmes/toas ... /59004-005
Estott : "An Ancient Half - Mad Uncle "

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