Detectorists - BBC 2, Great but pity about the Swearing

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Detectorists - BBC 2, Great but pity about the Swearing

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:09 pm

This is a series which ended to - night but many of the episodes are available on the BBC I player.

I very much enjoyed this series , i heard about it on, i think Woman's Hour and decided to watch as one of the "stars" is the writer , it also features Toby Jones who i first spotted playing Hogarth in a Channel 4 documentary some years ago . I thought that this series might be some sort of compliation of the usual cliches - and to a certain extent it was BUT it was above all a very gentle and expertly written, acted and directed series which , for once seemed real - the cast all seemed to work well as individuals and together

I am very critical of new "comedy" writing as it's usually a collection of not very bright ideas which fizzle out after the first couple of episodes and fades - this however kept up a very high standard which really makes it exceptional it would be PERFECT apart from the Swearing - i have absolutely no idea why there is a need in something as gentle and pleasant as this for the obnoxious and jarring swearing - often at what were, for me unexpected moments - it's one of the Many aspects of modern life i hate and there's no need at all for it on TV, if i switch on Bernard Manning (or suchlike) then i KNOW what he's going to say but would be devastated if Ken Dodd were to do the same act (Missus) and the same applied here - they used the most offensive (oddly Anglo - Saxon) Expletive at least twice and once by a Young Girl (yuk) i wasn't amused

The storyline was simple - two friends one older (Divorced) one younger (Living with Girlfriend - a schoolteacher) the older bloke's Ex -wife & new lover the club members, an eccentric farmer, rival Detectorists and the , often dull things they find for quite a lot of effort and the "saxon Ship Burial" they're looking for

However i have a great many favourite moments - in one episode they showed a meeting of the Society (6 members attending ) and a lecture - on Buttons - one bloke had his head in his hands with despair & boredom whilst another was asleep - CLPGS Meetings are just he same (i'm assured) as are most other meetings of most other "societies" and Clubs.

The last episode was rather poignant - the Younger bloke & girlfriend got back together after she had left, the grasping ex - wife & new lover were abandoned , the Eccentric Farmer was revealed not to be so eccentric after all, they had a Club "open Day" to which no - one came although the displays were hilarious "Ring Pulls through the AGES" made me laugh more than i felt i should, and they managed to get the atmosphere of such events perfectly (it's the same atmosphere at some antiques or Book Fairs i've been to where you walk around to the sound of your own footsteps !)

they managed to sum up collecting as well in a few sentences at the end where they were revealed as missing the Saxon ship burial just under the surface the older character said :

"I had a friend once, he had a Cactus, same cactus sitting on his windowsill for 15 years , then one day someone gave him a second cactus then within 6 months he had to move to a bigger house so he had room for his collection, whereas a Woman with 3 cacti would say "that's probably enough Cacti for me "

and then :

""Men have hobbies and Women Don't understand, it's the way it's always been "

And "How many women spend an afternoon putting their Vinyl into alphabetical order ? "

another great line was :

"My Mate Paul, he collected Collections and wrote a memoir "Recollections of a collections collector " as far as i know it's still unpublished ........."

(Several People have wanted me to write some sort of Memoir but as i have pointed out "not even i would want to read it " )

Galton & Simpson said that Great comedy writing is like writing Poetry - it's got to flow and those lines above really are GREAT

I really enjoyed this but what a pity about the swearing .

here is the BBC page where the episodes are listed
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