Radio 4 - EVP - Voices of the Dead recorded ?

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Radio 4 - EVP - Voices of the Dead recorded ?

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:07 pm

This was an hilarious programme broadcast this afternoon - it's about a very odd "scientist" who believed the Dead could speak through the "White Noise" in recordings (all they need to do to hear the Dead is go to Malvern this weekend )

He had messages from Churchill, Stalin & Hitler - apparently the last spoke in Latvian, a language he couldn't speak in this life.......... to most people that might be a slight clue as to the Authenticity of the "recordings" I found this most odd - creepy occasionally but hilarious mostly -one of the messages was :

"You have a Rabbit on your Head"

Was this a message for Smithy ? from Charlotte Place ?

They went to the house of the owner of these recordings only to find it a bit full and the whereabouts of the tapes unknown - they eventually found the recordings, played them, enhanced them and ...............nothing, although as "the Squire" points out all you need is to put these tapes near an electro - magnet and they're wiped - so who knows

They then went on to examine "messages" from animals..................

it's well worth listening to
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