The Adventures of Barry McKenzie"

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The Adventures of Barry McKenzie"

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:06 pm

This fim is a comic masterpiece - it was written by Barry Humphries and is apparently based on his experiences upon first landing in the UK in the 1950's which he later translated into an Hilarious "private Eye "Cartoon strip - it follows a "typical" Young Australian "barry McKenzie" who manages to cause havoc in "swinging London" by "chundering", "Swearing" "Pissing" and all sorts of mayhem he brings with him his "aunty" Mrs edna Everage ...............

Barry lands in London, war damaged, filthy and decayed where he meets "typical " Uk People - " a Jewish taxi Driver" (not "Suicidal Steve" TMF Admin or his father ) who rips them off by taking them from Heathrow to London Via Scotland then later "the Gorts" who have a sign at the end of the suburban drive saying :

"no Hawlers"

No Tramps

No Coloureds"

and when a Black postman delivers the letters Mrs Gort sprays them with DDT before handling them ! when spotting Barryy & Auntie sahe actually says :

"there's a couple of Gipsys Friggin' about on the lawn"

Barry is mistakenly believed to be an "Australian Millionaire" and so the impoverished Gorts fix him up with their daughter sarah (Who looks like Mrs Soundgen) and they go to the "harpenden Young Conservatives Dance" (which i can tell you is Precisely How it was in the Late 1980's when i was a Young Conservative) and insults people there in Colourful Australian terms Mr Gort tried to get Barry to dress up as a Schoolmaster with him as the pupil and "thrash me Sir" it was Dennis Price's last film

His "aunty meets a typical Australian Girl "Gayleen" who lives with a Man - "Mr" Claude who lives at "Radclyffe Hall" (How many would get THAT Joke then or now !) and "mr" Claude asks Mrs Everage if she's ever "Dipped into the "well of Loneliness" ................(I've met several "mr" Claude's & their Girls whilst Ridin' in and around Oxford )

Later Barry looks for lodgings and meets Spike Milligan as the Boarding House keeper - who if he had a ginger Wig would look familiar to a lot of Gramophone Collectors ! and takes "the Winston Churchill Memorial Suite" and has to put £1 in the Meter "every 20 minutes"

he ,meets some cynical Hippies who try to exploit him, a Jewish Psychiatrist who thinks he's an "interesting Case" but seems Nuts himself , Clive James as a drunken journalist Dick bentley as a Policeman who tries to arrest him for exposing himself in a Lavatory ,

They even meet Peter Cook - who's performance is painfully wooden - as a TV executive and ends up on British TV where he "gets the "one eyed snake out" in front of a very young looking Joan Bakewell.....and when the set catches fire he and other Aussies Piss on it to put it out !

Look out for "Al bowlly Lives" in Graffiti

It's a great film and was Banned in Aus for "obscenity" so is well worth watching
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