Channel 4 OD "The Auction House"

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Channel 4 OD "The Auction House"

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:03 pm

I watched this to - night as a friend had recorded it so came home and found it on Channel 4 OD - it's well worth watching, i bought at Lots Road many years ago abut was put off not only by the traffic / parking problems but the PRICES which were astonishing for anything that looked even vaguely old

It's a very different story now - it seems that everything i've been told by "the trade" (so few real Dealers are in business now they have annual meetings in Telephone boxes) about "brown Furniture" being virtually unsaleable is more than true ! i tried some years ago to sell a lot of stuff i had inherited and felt severely ripped off with the prices achieved yet had i kept it all i would have owed the Auctioneers money it seems had i tried to sell it now

it's an entertaining programme if you've nothing Old to sell but a horror story if you have and are depending on it but then the Antiques business was always like that - if you needed the money you couldn't sell and if you needed stock you couldn't buy ! ... -house/4od
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