Frank Skinner George Formby Documentary

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Frank Skinner George Formby Documentary

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:00 pm

It may surprise some that i am rather keen on George formby (jnr) I don't like all his records as he, like so many (Billy Williams etc) recorded a lot of Tosh (as have i ) but his GREAT records are really good and thus i have most of the ones i think are worth having but i knew little of his life, people think he was brought up in poverty but that is very far from the truth as his father - often found on Zono - was a VERY Successful Music hall Comedian and Geo Formby Jnr just , rather reluctantly copied his act

The oddest thing is that he wouldn't sing to Segregated Audiences in South Africa - and after Beryl thanked a Black child for some flowers presented they had to leave a theatre with armed guards from then on he sang to only Black audiences and ended up being thrown out of South Africa !

The documentary features a lot of clips from his films now very freely available on Amazon

here's the Documentary

and my favourite song "I'm the Emperor of Lancashire" ... x78atI8GXQ
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