"Del Boys & Dealers" BBC Record Wreckers

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"Del Boys & Dealers" BBC Record Wreckers

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:58 pm

This programme was pointed out to me by a van driver at an Auction i went to yesterday , He thought that i and a chap i was talking to being both Ex or "sort of " Antiques Dealers would enjoy it

My Companion (over 50 years in the REAL Antiques business) took a very snobbish attitude but i watched it - with great regret !

It started out featuring the strange people - i felt caricatures - who attend the lowest form of "auctions" where the runt end of House Clearance, bankrupt stock and just rubbish seems to end up nowadays and what they buy (Yes, the technical term is Rubbish) which they then sell on in a variety of ways

It seems most are probably doing it to add a second income to a Job (Having a job as well is very sensible) whilst others do it full time, what i eventually realised that these people need to know less than nothing about the things they buy as they can "price items either by the scrap metal value in weight or by simply looking the item up on ebay !

they seem to rely on the fact that the other bidders at the Auctions seem thicker than they others they can buy at one place against these people then often try to sell at the same place with the former opposition nearby !

is it a sign of our times ? these people were mostly amateurs but they did show the scrap metal people - in business since 1911 in one case, The Log burner wasn't Victorian but a modern copy - didn't matter the bloke made a profit ! he did actually PAY for a House clearance which is odd as now most clearance people demand payment to do the job ! the "Dresser" looked OK and 18th C but the corner Cabinet was most likely E 19th C, mucked about and virtually unsalable today

The box of pictures was awful

I half laughed and half cried that the "antiques" business had got to such a stage - some just bought & sold whilst others seemed to buy then store (that's familiar) the most offensive however were a middle aged couple who " improved " things - well putting Father Xmas hats on china snails seemed inoffensive (Except for those with some aesthetic sensibilities) but then we saw the woman running a 1920's winner record under a tap - i thought that was bad enough until it was shoved into an oven and became a fruit bowl - an act i thought had stopped being performed in the 1960's (Although a firend did do that with an early dull Zonophone with a fake Blue Label Caruso label on - much to the consternation of others ! ) she then sold them for a PROFIT in a lot in Auction !

I wasn't amused - couldn't they look up 78rpm on ebay ? ok as we know most don;t sell but someone might buy a bulk lot

they decided to buy a Porsche but wouldn't pay the Auction reserve so they then bought a HEARSE ................with problems

I did think in a "leading Dealer" way "Yis, Yis, Yis, Do they Pay Tax, Do they Pay tax"

But as a former Civil Servant i can say with some authority that most of those on this film probably don't as they don't reach the personal Limit with the profits from what they buy - the "record Wreckers" only made £3K in 2 years - "This time Next year We'll be Millionaires" isn't the phrase for them !

"no income tax, no VAT, no Money back no Guarantee"

here's the programme

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 ... vly-jubbly
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