The Kinks at the BBC BBC 4

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The Kinks at the BBC BBC 4

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:58 pm

As is well - known i know so litle about Popular and Modern "culture" it could be written on the back of the stamp with room for all the other things i don't know about ! but i do like and can appreciate 1st Class music when i hear it - Bruno Mars' "Billionaire" is a case in point, as well as The Velvet Underground, Joni Mitchell, Melanie...............

I was delighted to see advertised "The Kinks at the BBC" on BBC 4 - as i've said i know little about "modern" Music but, probably 15 years ago a Friend played "Waterloo Sunset" and i thought it OK but not great and it made little impression on me - then later i heard Kirsty Mc Call's Version of "days" and was most impressed - i hadn't heard of her and was astonished to find out it was just a version of a song which had been written in the 60's !

I thought that the 1960's were the Beatles Era & other "bands" i didn't like the sound of (at the time) so the thought that these "kinks fellows" were from the same time was astonishing as they seemed so different, i was even more astonished to hear as a choice on Desert Island Discs "The Village Green Preservation Society" i thought it not only amusing but very different - then one day in Aylesbury i went into "Record House" and there was a 3 CD set of "the Kinks" as usual all sorts of variants designed to appeal to some sort of Anorak - Stereo, Mono, and other versions of the same songs !, but as there was no alternative i bought it and was delighted with what i heard

I know nothing about the Kinks or who they are or anything other than the songs but when i saw that BBC 4 was to show the Kinks from the 1960's up until to - day i thought it worth watching - and indeed it was

The B/W films are interesting - in fact they show "Sunny Afternoon" recorded in, i think 1966 and it's Hilarious - the lead singer (I don't know his name) Makes such odd faces that it's hard to concentrate on the Lyrics - after the line "I've got a big Fat mamma tryin' a break me " he made such an odd face that i fell over laughing - it rather reminded me of some of the odd faces made by "the Leading Dealer" so i was doubly amused !

As i watched the programme i realised that i had, in fact heard of the Kinks before - they made a dismal record called "Come Dancing" in 1983 - i remembered it well as being played at a School Disco and being regarded (by those who knew of "Popular Culture")as the best of the period (which just about sums it up !)

Overall i really enjoyed the programme - it's od Radio 4 Extra had a wonderful programme in tribute to Vivian Stanshall so the quality has really improved recently !

I really like most of the Kinks Music - not all, and certainly not the more modern tosh but when they're good they're Great ! ... t_the_BBC/
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