"Collectaholics" BBC 2 (Wed)

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"Collectaholics" BBC 2 (Wed)

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:57 pm

I had the misfortune to be having dinner with some rather annoying people on Wednesday night (don't ask) during the meal they said :

"Oh, there's a new TV programme about alcoholics on on - let's watch it, you'll really enjoy it ............ "

"How incredibly Vulgar to watch Television whilst Dining " I thought (Isn't criticising you hosts rather Vulgar your Dukeness ? - Ed )

Then i thought : "Alcoholics - why should that interest me at all ?"

The Dismal Programme turned out to be "Collectaholics" a dreadful new BBC programme basically laughing at the inverted, cretinous collector under the guise of being interested & showing a very thin and usually irrelevant "history" section, the excuse for visiting being that "they have too much, want to de - clutter and don't know what their items are worth !"

And that just sums it up - a group of rather Nerdy Bores unused to social interaction (apart from with their collections) were wheeled on together with their wives (that was a shock) to be enthused over by two very annoying people - Mel Giedyroc and someone called mark who was some sort of Expert (if you define "expert " as someone who looks up results on ebay and re - gurgitates those sums to others) they're not as annoying and irritating as Kevin Mc Cloud or Tony Robinson but still contributed very little to the programme

The Collectors were :

A Bloke who at 52 was still an "assistant" something who collected Beer cans (Sue described them as "rubbish" that made me laugh)

A Bloke who had a very fine collection of Railway & motoring items and had actually built a station in the Garden (at GREAT expense)

A very sad Bloke (Probably Fake) who "wanted to live in the 1940's or 1950's "

The first one was just sad BUT had actually spent £1200 on ONE can , the second had a collection of such importance hit was impossible for him NOT to have known the value down to the last penny so it was all a waste of time - he had built the Station so wasn't going to sell anything ! and the last - I was very suspicious of him , was he an Actor ? his items were mostly Repro or cheap tat - and "despite wanting to live in the 1940's/50's " still had a fitted kitchen and a TV with a "front" which appeared to have been knocked up by the Props dept - i wasn't convinced - they set him up with some old Granny for tea over which they talked about the "war" and "rationing"

Later they even managed to get the "king of Smug" Robert Opie in on the Act before venturing back to the 1940's/50's bloke !

He wanted to sell a Dansette (C 1960) and some other items - not really described - amazingly they were to a London Street Market - and got £180 for the Dansette - and somehow managed to get the bloke over £400 altogether - then SOLD him a Victorian Chair of very poor quality for £150

part of the programme was devoted to telling the Collector "what their collection would be worth if they sold it " the look of False surprise on the Collector's & their Wives' faces shows that Amateur dramatics & collecting are obviously closely related - modern collectors KNOW how much these things are worth better than any "Value" so that was pointless

The whole thing seemed very staged and false - a horrible car crash of a programme , sadly it's NOT a one - off there is a series !

If you want to be bored then it's here :

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 ... Episode_1/
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