Jonathon Meades documentaries

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Jonathon Meades documentaries

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:56 pm

I often watch interesting looking programmes on BBC 4 .........well, i say watch but after about 5 mins i find i'm looking out of the window (at the Rain) or playing with Pencils ,................and then i realise i'm not actually at School any longer and boring lectures are very much a thing of the past (apart from the ones i give)

So it was a revelation to discover a channel on U - Tube devoted to the amusing AND informative documentaries by Jonathon Meades where i am amused, entertained and Informed in equal measure

I can recommend all of them as i find them as interesting as i did when they were first shown on TV a Looooooooooong time ago now .

They are reproduced in parts and so i will copy the link to only the first part here and you can discover the rest for yourselves.

"belgium" ("Holland without the Tulips" ) ... YygyyD5s-0

"Absentee Landlord" (About Churches - a title guaranteed to amuse every Atheist)

"Full Metal Carapace" (About Caravanning - with Nudists YUK) ... AiLG7b8mLw

"Birmingham" YES a Documentary about the most awful place in the UK - "piggin' Greet" as the locals might have it

"On France"
Estott : "An Ancient Half - Mad Uncle "

My U - Tube Channel is :

Corruption in the CLPGS :
The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character .Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.

Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

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