"The Ruling Class" (1972)

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"The Ruling Class" (1972)

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:55 pm

Some reading this will be familiar with that Great Film "Sir Henry at Rawlinson End" written by the equally Great Vivian Stanshall, well "The Ruling Class" must have influenced him as there are many similarities between them - is it great ? well, i have to say NO but it certainly has it's moments !

The two greatest scenes are, i think ,

"Arthur Lowe as the Butler Singing "Gilbert the Filbert" when he hears of his Legacy (Yes, Captain Mainwaring Dancing & Singing in a Cockney Accent !)

and the ending where the Whole "House of Lords" sing "onward Christian Soldiers" is astonishing - sadly now because of New Labour there probably aren't enough Christians left there to sing anything !

one of the Great Lines is :

"always room at the Top for Brains, Money or a good Pair of Titties"

"Englishmen like to hear the Truth about themselves"

"If you're God then reveal your Godhead" (Peter O 'Toole then unzips his flies .................)

"The pOwer of Life & Death, a Judge has no need for other Vices, once you put on the Black Cap everything else tastes like Wax Fruit "

Here's the whole film on U - Tube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... dgosa7wkfY

Here's the Plot from Wiki :

Following the death from accidental asphyxiation of Ralph Gurney, the 13th Earl of Gurney (Andrews), Jack Gurney (O'Toole) becomes the 14th Earl of Gurney. Jack, a paranoid schizophrenic, thinks he is Jesus Christ and shocks his family and friends with his talk of returning to the world to bring it love and charity, not to mention his penchant for breaking out into song and dance routines and sleeping upright on a cross. When faced with unpalatable facts (such as his identity as the 14th Earl), Jack puts them in his "galvanized pressure cooker" and they disappear. His unscrupulous uncle, Sir Charles (Mervyn), marries him to his mistress, Grace (Seymour), in hopes of producing an heir and putting his nephew in an institution; the plan fails, however, when Grace falls in love with Jack. Jack gains another ally in Sir Charles' wife, Lady Claire (Browne), who hates her husband and befriends Jack just to spite him. She also begins sleeping with Jack's psychiatrist, Dr. Herder (Michael Bryant), to persuade him to cure Jack quickly.
Herder attempts to cure him through intensive psychotherapy, to no avail; Jack so thoroughly believes that he is the "God of Love" that he dismisses any suggestion to the contrary as insane. The night his wife goes into labour, Herder makes a last effort at curing Jack; he introduces Jack to McKyle (Nigel Green), a patient who also believes himself to be Christ — or as the patient puts it, "The Electric Messiah" — who subjects an unwitting Jack to electroshock therapy. The plan works, and as Grace delivers a healthy baby boy, Jack proclaims, "I'm Jack, I'm Jack". His family takes this to mean that he has returned to his senses, but in reality he now believes himself to be Jack the Ripper.
Sir Charles sends for a court appointed psychiatrist (Graham Crowden) to evaluate Jack, confident that his nephew will be sent to an asylum for life. He is once again thwarted when the psychiatrist discovers that Jack was a fellow Old Etonian, bonds with him and declares him sane.
Jack murders Lady Claire in a fit of rage when the aging woman tries to seduce him. He frames the Communist family butler, Tucker (Lowe), for the murder. Shortly afterward, Sir Charles suffers a debilitating stroke and Dr. Herder has a nervous breakdown upon realizing what Jack has done. Jack assumes his place in the House of Lords with a fiery speech in favor of capital and corporal punishment. His colleagues applaud wildly, completely unaware the speech is the ranting of a lunatic, in contrast to society's reaction when Jack believed he was Christ. That night, he murders Grace for expressing her love for him. Her terrified scream is matched by the sound of a baby cooing "I'm Jack, I'm Jack," suggesting that their son has inherited Jack's madness.
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