"Toast of London" Channel 4 Sundays

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"Toast of London" Channel 4 Sundays

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:53 pm

I rarely watch any TV these days - mainly because i'm busy sorting records and that really does take up a LOT of time, However i saw this programme advertised as "cutting edge" Comedy - fortunately the description didn't put me off and i watched it - i laughed so much i felt i had to see it again and thus looking for it on the Channel 4 OD channel found the Pilot episode

I don;t know how to describe these 2 programmes "Experimental" or just "mental" i really don't know - perhaps Surreal is the phrase ? the Pilot was odd enough but the starting episode of the new series was even odder but with some ideas that caused me more merriment than i've had in many years.

I've watched a lot of TV Comedy in the last 35 years and truly "there is no new thing under the Sun" as most of it is derivative (Well, all Comedy is derived ultimately from Aristophanes) or just plain stupid with manufactured laughs signalled a LONG distance away until THIS - i must warn you that although i usually abhor Foul Language - and there's a lot in this i didn;t really notice it - except the Anglo - Saxon Expletive which for hundreds of years no Decent Literary man would dare to use , here uttered by a lady ! (The journalist Lady Does seem rather familiar - Ex - Alcoholic, Manic collector and chucks shopping trolleys in canals - i can't help thinking i've met/dated her )

The highlights are difficult to explain and the surreality (particularly Bruce Forsyth) has it's point, the characters names are hilarious "Clem fandango" for instance as are certain of the scenes :

"That dark stain on your rug - is that connected with the stabbing ?" whilst they show a stain in the shape of a victim...........

or the scene where the main character is watching TV and a presenter comes on : "Who's this Prick?" he asks - as i do so often these days !

This really is worth watching, despite the language it's not Vulgar or Crude - most of you won't get it but some, a very few, will it's the best thing on TV at the moment (Well, apart from the Bear scene in "man Down " )

The Pilot

http://www.channel4.com/programmes/toas ... od#3428850

The Epsode

http://www.channel4.com/programmes/toas ... od#3590432

Here's the "bear Scene" from "Man Down "

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