I've been enjoying Boardwalk empire

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I've been enjoying Boardwalk empire

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:14 pm

I've been enjoying the American TV Series " Boardwalk Empire" i know it's long finished on TV but recently i found a set in a charity shop and thought i'd give it a go ! it's been very interesting over the last decade or so how American Drama has improved - it's gone from utter rubbish with a preachy often Syrupy moral message to some quite hard hitting and excellently produced

Some British drama in the 1970's and 80s was excellently scripted and acted but the budgets were poor and it showed - dramas such as "I Claudius " featured some of British Acting's greats but alas the sets were out of the Roman version of "Crossroads " poorly constructed and cheap and arguably that improved the acting as the camera had to concentrate on the actors rather than the sets !

Nowadays American Drama is fantastic - they have combined GREAT Scripts with MONEY and , more importantly 1st class actors, Costume and attention to detail - and nowhere is that more important than in the one subject we all know about - in Boardwalk Empire i have spotted several machines - first a Columbia BI, then an Edison C250 Diamond Disc and the odd Victrola, in the past these would have literally been part of the furniture but nowadays they are shown working and heard - they may be dubbed but at least they produces play Caruso rather than Mario Lanza - the sets, and i'm not sure all are sets but actual real houses , are also 1st class and believable so the whole thing works - i'm sorry not to see some "art Models" in some of the Grand Houses shown but maybe those just aren't available for hire ?

The Music is also first Class and intelligent - they often play things that would have been old by 1920 BUT still popular - Some dramas think the only music people listened to in the 1960's were the Beatles or the Kinks ! - it's NOT True and they show that here - Caruso, John McCormack, Instrumental pieces, all feature and it feels right

British drama now does do detail ("Taboo" was great but why were two members of the cast wearing the "Order of the Golden Fleece?) but it's often a little "off" - the recent "Florence Foster Jenkins" Film was made in the UK and the Gramophones & radiograms were British when they should have been American - i'm sure we all recall the drama About Gracie fields in which a Model XII appeared - rather old fashioned for her time ! slip ups like that are irksome and spoil a lot of dramas for me

I can heartily recommend this to anyone with , alas the usual caveat - The swearing, the Nudity & the violence, some scenes are hard to watch but it's great acting and well worth watching
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