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Radio 4 "more or less"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:09 pm

"More or less" is a radio 4 programme analising figures quoted in the Media and finding out of they are accurate, i usually switch it off as they often get a little technical but this week they were looking at the Valuations used on the Antiques Roadshow and if to - days Values reflect well on the original purchase prices of the items shown - if the owner recalls what they paid -they forget the fact that "Valuations" are just guesses and these days anything can any LOW Price however much the item may merit more some often make only as little as someone might pay

This is of great interest to me as i've often pointed out that "Antiques" used to cost a LOT of money - a lot more than current "Values" people forget that things in the past - and i don;t just mean the 1980s but the 1930's - 1970s cost a LOT in relation to the average wage at the time - the Roadshow presenter gave an example of a chap who had bought an item for £2 in 1964 and said that £2 was 1/3rd of his Father's then wage and that the item wasn't worth 1/3rd of to - day's wage


That's not taking into account what it might actually make in Auction MINUS the fees, which can be up to 25% of sale price. A Similar instance happened recently when i bought a collection of machines & records from a deceased collector's estate - the family had had an Auctioneers valuation (He was a friend of the family) but he had said that it was hardly worth while as transport costs etc (for the machines - the records he advised dumping) would almost wipe out the sales cost and actually said :

"If you can get a cash offer - take it "

So i bought the lot and did well and more than covered all costs quite quickly and still have the best few machines & all of the records - whilst looking in one of the machines i found a list of what the collector had paid for them over the period of 1976 - 1998 and he had spent a fortune on not that exiting things - some of the prices he paid "the Leading Dealer" "Wiggy" & Christie's were eye - watering (He couldn't have told his wife ) and in fact I sold one machine for 1/5th of what he had paid for it in 1979 ! his Subscription tot eh CLPGS would have cost him a lot and i burnt all the mags in his garden incinerator as they are just WORTHLESS but i suppose the family house was worth many times what he paid so the haven't lost really have they ?

Here's the programme
Estott : "An Ancient Half - Mad Uncle "

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