Ken Priestley on "Antiques uncovered"

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Ken Priestley on "Antiques uncovered"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:19 pm

It's often a surprise to find anything about Gramophones & talking machines on television - we know, and are loath to mention the lamentable rubbish that's been inflicted upon us by Radio (AA Gill says "the BBC is run By "Tristrams" well Let's hope on such has learnt his lesson!) so when i tuned in to a repeat of a 2012 programme i had forgotten that Well Known Northern Dealer ("The North Remembers) Ken Priestley had actually appeared on this and i suppose he had hoped a LOT of people had forgotten this and the awful magazine article "Suicidal "Steve TMF Admin sent me where Ken was photographed from a very odd angle which might lead the reader to assume he was suffering from a Nasty Case of Piles ("Winter is Coming")

Here we were confronted by two very odd presenters - a very odd women with a speech impediment ("Your Meat is Bloody Tough") and a very Camp bloke from the Antiques Roadshow who appears to know little but "gushes " a Lot - the early part of the programme wasn't too interesting then they went to Woburn Abbey and whilst sitting amongst the REAL ANTIQUES played a Columbia Q phonograph to which the Odd Woman danced around ! then came Ken who told us about his "Auntie "(Wainwright ?) and seemed to Don the Northern Tweed Jacket of Alan Bennett or could it be Arnold Bennett ? (Or Just Gordon - ED)and put his gearbox into "Anecdotage" mode after which he showed us an "Early HMV Gramophone" with what looked to me like a Bedford Crapophone Horn ............Then they discussed "Trademark" Gramophone and needle tins but what was most surprising were the Valuations WHERE DID KEN GET HIS VALUATIONS FROM - the "leading Dealer" perhaps after Ken sold him that red Horn rubbish machine from the Barry Williamson Collection ?

how many machines HAS ken sold from Barry's "Collection" ? SS the TMF Admin says "4 in 7 years"come on Ken - "(P)Aye oop"as thee says in t'North !

Here is this rubbish yet again a warning NEVER to appearon TV however sensible you may be it will still make you appear like, to quote ken speaking of "the Leading Dealer"

"A D**K head"

And in this Ken looked like a Blushing Garden Gnome who JUST managed to get about 4 words in between the Presenters Gushes - Ken's a thoroughly nice chap (despite what he says about me when he doesn't realise he's being recorded) and this could have been so much better - For Ken's next appearance on TV he will be in a Bath with Joe Winstanley & Neil Gerty going downhill fast after visiting his "auntie" ! ... ertainment
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