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"Aeolian Pianola Record"

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:18 pm
by Gmemg
I bought some vaguely interesting 78s from Ebay before Xmas - they were located just outside Oxford and as it was just up the road from "the Preceptory" i bid and bought them and as the owner said he had some more but would have to sort them out we agreed to meet after Xmas

We met to - day , and i collected the records - most were not of great interest to me but he has a LOT more which i shall buy in due course, he was once a CLPGS Member and told me all sorts of tales of collectors ripped off and collections Looted and a LOT of background info on the Fred Smith of Chatham Collection ! he had a copy of Barrie Williamson's list of collections & machines which had "Gone Missing" since the 1970's and said he had traced where many of them were to be found now and how they got there !

BUT i come to this record which was amongst those i bought and was undoubtedly the most interesting - apparently there is some dull article in the Hillandale news no 45 Spring 2013 about Aeolian records but i don't know if this is mentioned as i fall asleep after page 2 of any of those Mags

It appears this record was used in conjunction with the Aeolian Co's "Pianola" player piano and thus you played this whilst pumping away at the Pianola ! oddly the singing has a piano accompaniment anyway so is rather pointless

Here 'it is :