"Guardsmen records play best with an Exhibition Soundbox"

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"Guardsmen records play best with an Exhibition Soundbox"

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:20 pm

Here is a cutting from teh "talking Machine News of Feb 1921 in which Percy Packman is quoted as stating that ":

"All recording engineers made their records to suit a particular type of soundbox"

It Goes on to state that Guardsmen records play best with the exhibition soundbox - well i wanted to test that and arranged a test, sadly not a very fair test as the machine i use (1930) is far superior to those of 1921 and by accident i found a Guardsman record of 1926 ! i used an Exhibition, an HMV no 4, a Meltrope no 2 and a Meltrope no 3

I did however rebuild & tune the Exhibition as i rarely use such a soundbox

Do others use a aparticular soundbox with a particular make of record ? I've found the Columbia soundboxes of all types are the best and all are far superor to the Exhibition !

Here's the Cutting


and my test "baby Face" Played by the Carnival Dance Band on Guardsman 1989

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